The stock iOS keyboard was designed for a 3.5" screen

Today's iPhone and iPad deserve better




Unleash the full power of your mobile device with PadKeys.  PadKeys opens in any app and works just like your regular keyboard.

Numbers, punctuation, cursor keys, and more.  Right where you expect them.  No switching screens, no hunting through "creative" key arrangements.

Enter addresses with ease using PadKeys number row.


Numbers  Never slow down to switch layouts when entering an address again.  No worries either if you need to type in a tracking number, or add a date or time to a text or email.

Punctuation  How many times a day do you hit the '123' key when you're not even going to type a number?  PadKeys has you covered there too.

Format email test using PadKeys punctuation keys.



Tap the option key for a truly powerful symbols layout.

Move or delete words, type accented characters, and insert special symbols, all from the comfort of the home keyboard.


PadKeys makes entering calendar events easy with number, punctuation, and symbol keys on one layout.

Cursor keys  For all those times you just want to go back and change one letter.  Various forms of tapping, sliding, dragging have been tried to help with this, but sometimes it's the simplest way that works best.

Word swipe  When you're working with a small screen area, swiping out a word can be faster than pecking it. PadKeys provides this, plus you can swipe up on individual keys to get shifted versions.

PadKeys makes texting a breeze with word swipe ("swype") input.



Want to make a change a couple of words back? Don’t stop and finger-hunt, just tap the cursor keys and go where you want to go. 

Enable autocorrect for an even faster typing experience.

PadKeys uses the full screen width to display word suggestions.  It's a computer, not a mindreader, three isn't enough!


PadKeys supports eleven languages with adaptive autocorrect and suggestions in each.  Turn the phone on its side to see more than just three choices.  Hold the Globe key to switch quickly between two frequently-used languages.

The keyboard that suits you

Use the language you need with the theme you like.
Type if you've got two hands free, or just swipe if you've only got one!


You got a tablet because it’s portable, not because you wanted to carry around an external keyboard. 

PadKeys is for long emails, journaling, blogging, impromptu poetry. Designed for people who do more than text.