We're going to keep it simple here.

PadKeys Keyboard does not use the network and sends no data off your device. No cloud, no accounts, no opting in or opting out.

The "Full Access" permission, if granted, is used by PadKeys Keyboard to access the clipboard for the paste button, and to access highlighted text for undo if you delete it.

PadKeys Keyboard will remember which autocorrection attempts you canceled, for the purpose of not repeating them.  It will also track how frequently you type words, for the purpose of suggesting the more frequent ones.  Uninstalling the App from your device will permanently remove this information.

We also have a more technical explanation about "Full Access".

Please note, the PadKeys instructions app does use the network, in order to connect to our support site, as well as to track customer use anonymously to verify effectiveness of advertising campaigns.  The latter can be turned off as described here.

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This site does not collect or use any personal information.  Our support site, on the other hand, does involve user participation with optional accounts.  We do not share any of this information with any other party, and use it only internally to provide support.  Please refer to the policy linked from the bottom of the support pages for further information.